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Building Details for 1655 Dufferin Street :
Toronto Central, Central Ontario
Net Rent:
Building Type: Medical Clinic Additional Costs:
Available Space: 191 to 1,025 sq. ft. Available Date: Immediately
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1655 Dufferin Street, Toronto

Size of Building:
8,600 sq. ft. over 2 floors

Closest Intersection: Dufferin Street south of St. Clair

Parking Available:
• City parking available for tenants
• City parking available for visitors

Transit Accessible: TTC Bus & Subway accessible
Closest Subway Stop: St. Clair West

Vacancies: Available upon request

Nearest Hospital(s):
• Humber River Regional Hospital

For further details on leasing, please contact Owen at 416-364-5959 ext. 421

Contact Information:
Owen Bartley
(416)364-5959 Email: obartley@par-med.com
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