"First Class Management Services to the Medical Community"

Who Is Par-Med?

PAR-Med Property Services Inc. has been providing first class management services to the medical office building community since 1989. With over 50 properties in its portfolio, PAR-Med is the recognized leader in third party management of medical office buildings.

Our Clients & Partners

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What we do

We are a full service leasing, design and property management company exclusively servicing the medical community of Ontario.

We provide services in asset management, leasing and design as well as ongoing property management services all in house. PAR-Med brings together experience, knowledge and a wide range of resources to offer full service property solutions.

Why Us?

Medical office buildings require an extremely high level of care and maintenance. Occupants do not tolerate downtime as patients cannot be turned away. With inside knowledge and years of experience, PAR-Med is perfectly equipped to manage these unusual operating requirements. PAR-Med takes keen interest in the general impression and upkeep of all its managed buildings as well as administering their financial well being to add value to your asset.

Our company prides itself on catering specifically to the medical marketplace and employing only those individuals that demonstrate a caring attitude and the competency our clients demand.

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