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We’re active in the medical office leasing market, regularly completing over 300 lease transactions per annum. We have first-hand knowledge of the financial opportunities that medical service tenants derive from being situated in a medical building and work to ensure landlord and tenant satisfaction. This enables our clients to negotiate leases from a position of knowledge.

Property Management

Investment Management

The problem

As an investor or institution, having a medical building in your portfolio can present unusual challenges which are specific to this asset class.

Medical office buildings require unusually high levels of regular maintenance. Tenants are demanding and do not tolerate downtime as their patients cannot be turned away. Furthermore, ever changing industry trends and government rules can have a significant impact on various tenants in a medical building which in turn can adversely affect a building’s cashflow.

We are the solution

Other property management companies are unlikely to effectively understand the various nuances of medical buildings and the tenant make-up. With its in-depth knowledge of the healthcare market, PAR-Med is aware of the dynamic of this industry and can help investors achieve and maintain the desired financial results on their medical building investments.

Financial Reporting

Comparative Analysis

As part of PAR-Med’s strategy to achieve and maintain high occupancy levels at optimum rates, comparative market surveys of medical buildings are undertaken so that our clients can make leasing and other financial decisions with an awareness of the marketplace.

PAR-Med has invested in state of the art financial reporting software which allows for timely and accurate reporting of monthly financial statements which can be tailored to fit the clients’ requirements. These statements, along with the budget against which the building performance is measured, provides our clients a clear view of the financial and health status of their property.

Asset Management

Asset management is the management of the strategic direction of real estate to achieve superior economic returns in both income and value.

Like any other asset in a portfolio, medical office buildings must be properly managed to maximize return on investment. Par-Med services several financial institutions by providing reliable and sound asset management geared to protect and enhance an asset’s value.

The main services of PAR-Med Asset Management can be defined as follows:

Design Services

Suite Design & Build-Out

It’s not enough anymore just to hang your degree on the wall. A warm and supportive working environment creates a good atmosphere for both medical staff and patients. PAR-Med Design specializes in providing cost effective and innovative design solutions for medical office interiors. From design proposals, renderings and technical drawings, through to project tendering, construction contracts and project management, the team at PAR-Med Design has the experience to deliver healthcare environments that work.

PAR-Med Design is a team of highly qualified design professionals with many years of collective experience in developing custom-designed medical and corporate office interiors. PAR-Med Design provides cost effective, innovative and timely design solutions to meet our clients’ needs and challenges. PAR-Med Design has recognized the need for cost effective and qualified design consultants. We have focused our efforts to create innovative and efficient problem solutions for designing environments that work.

Real Estate Services

Leasing, Acquisitions, Building Sales, Marketing, MLS Affiliation

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