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We’re active in the medical office leasing market, regularly completing over 300 lease transactions per annum. We have first-hand knowledge of the financial opportunities that medical service tenants derive from being situated in a medical building and work to ensure landlord and tenant satisfaction. This enables our clients to negotiate leases from a position of knowledge.

Property Management

Medical office buildings require an extremely high level of care and maintenance. Occupants do not tolerate downtime as patients cannot be turned away. With inside knowledge and years of experience, PAR-Med is perfectly equipped to manage these unusual operating requirements. PAR-Med takes keen interest in the general impression and upkeep of all its managed buildings as well as administering their financial well being to add value to your asset.

The medical field is experiencing enormous pressure on its businesses. While many of these issues cannot be solved by doctors, real and measurable savings can be attained by turning over the daily management of their medical building to a medical office building specialist.

Design Services

Suite Design & Build-Out

It’s not enough anymore just to hang your degree on the wall. A warm and supportive working environment creates a good atmosphere for both medical staff and patients. PAR-Med Design specializes in providing cost effective and innovative design solutions for medical office interiors. From design proposals, renderings and technical drawings, through to project tendering, construction contracts and project management, the team at PAR-Med Design has the experience to deliver healthcare environments that work.

PAR-Med Design is a team of highly qualified design professionals with many years of collective experience in developing custom-designed medical and corporate office interiors. PAR-Med Design provides cost effective, innovative and timely design solutions to meet our clients’ needs and challenges. PAR-Med Design has recognized the need for cost effective and qualified design consultants. We have focused our efforts to create innovative and efficient problem solutions for designing environments that work.

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